UK Petroleum Data CD - 2004

The UK Petroleum Data CD 2004 follows the style and content of the previous DTI publication, The Development of UK Oil and Gas Resources (The Brown Book) which is no longer published in hard copy.  Due to popular demand, Data by Design Ltd has assembled and formatted much of the same statistical data on a single, easily assimilated CD-ROM supplemented with other regulatory documents and information pertinent to exploration and production in the UK.  The format and content follows the highly successful 2002 and 2003 editions published previously.

This publication is based on data and information obtained by permission, from the UK Department of Trade and Industry Oil and Gas Division web site and other publicly available sources such as UK DEAL, CDA etc.
The CD contains estimates of oil and gas reserves on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS) and facts and figures on oil and gas exploration, development and production. It includes financial and economic information about the impact of oil and gas production on the UKCS. There is also coverage of the offshore environmental regime.  Also included are copies of current regulatory and licencing documents, policies, guidelines and presentations taken from the UK Department of Trade and Industry web site and considered to be of relevance to any company currently or planning exploration and production of hydrocarbons within the UK.

Published as a linked series of Hyper-Text Mark-up Language (HTML) pages, graphics files and tabulations, the UK Petroleum Data CD can be accessed and viewed using any standard web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

In addition to the text, tables and graphics accessible using the Web Browser, users can also access tabulated data as MS Excel worksheets or ASCII, Comma Delimited CSV files.  These can then be used to generate your own graphics and charts or be supplemented with your own data.

Field Summary data and selected other appendices have also been assembled as a collection of database tables in MS Access 2002 format.  Experienced users of MS Access will be able to perform complex queries and selections based on data such as licence partners, recoverable reserves, peak production, discovery date etc.

Information is presented as:

HTML pages ,
Microsoft Word documents ,
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets ,
Comma Delimited Text files (CSV)
WinZip compressed files
Microsoft Powerpoint files
Adobe Acrobat PDF files
JPEG and GIF format image files
Microsoft Access database tables
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The UK Petroleum Data CD may be purchased as individual, single user licence for personal use by consultants and individuals or multi-user, corporate licences for oil and service companies.  Installation of the multi-user licence on corporate Intranets, networks or libraries/information centres is encouraged.

All prices exclude VAT and delivery outside the UK.

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Minimum system requirements:

Any system capable of running an internet browser such as ™MS Internet Explorer v 5.0 or higher, however, access will be quicker with more memory and faster processors.

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