Information strategy


For many years OG followed an Information Strategy of trying to collect as much data as possible and subsequently releasing selected parts of that data. As computer technology improved OG, in line with most oil companies, was in danger of being swamped by data. OG decided to review its whole approach to Information Management. The stimulii for this were:

The Government targets for ecommerce that OG will have to meet are that by the year :

OG have defined a new Information Strategy, are seeking funding to develop a UK Oil Portal to support eCommerce and have defined a set of meta data that they intend to release on the web in the near future.

Information strategy

UK Oil Portal

The goal of the project is to establish a UK oil portal on the world wide web to enable all business processes associated with granting consents, approvals and regulatory reporting across all Government Departments to be undertaken electronically in a secure environment.

The following diagram illustrates the portal.

Each of the different parties will be granted access through the UK Oil Portal to those facilities they are entitled to use. Digital signatures, or other secure access methods, will ensure that individual transactions are protected whilst at the same time providing public access from the web to public domain data. The principle driving philosophy behind the system that is being proposed is the need to maintain and enhance the working relationship between the OG and the oil and gas industry at all contact levels..

There will be a series of firewalls that will be configured to ensure the security and integrity of information and transactions. There will be a series of web enabled transactions that support a number of business processes such as:

Meta data OG intend to release on the web


Authorisation date
Type (oil / gas)
Block number
Licence number
Licensees + % interest at end of year
Discovery date
First production date
Cessation of production date
Operator's estimate of:

Recoverable reserves
First year of peak production
Peak production
Water depth
Sulphur content

Transport system (s)
Extension into other blocks

Block number
Licence number + % interest

Field named after

Monthly production on three month delay basis for
{ Pipeline oil production
{ Dry gas production
{ Oil to tankers
and depending upon type of field:
Gross associated gas production
Produced water
Produced water to sea
Water injection
Month end crude stocks

{ Gas flared
{ Gas vented
{ Gas utilised


Monthly production on three month delay basis for
{ Pipeline oil entering terminal
{ Condensate from other terminals
{ Pipeline dry gas
and depending upon type of field:
Condensate from other terminals
NGL products entering terminal
Stabilised oil receipts
Pipeline NGL receipts
Net production NGLs

Month end stocks ethane
Month end stocks propane
Month end stocks butane
Month end stocks C5 condensate
Month end crude oil stocks

{ Gas flared
{ Gas vented
{ Gas utilised


Platform contractor
Site built
Platform type
Installation date


Year commissioned
From - To
Material conveyed


DTI well number
Well name (onshore)
County (onshore)
Field name
Field category
Licence operator at end of year
Licence number
Licence round
Discovery month /year
Well intent (exp, app or dev)
Well status (susp, p&a.)
Target reference letter
Slot number
Well trajectory type
Rig name
Rig type
Spud date
Location reference
Top hole location
Datum reference
Depth units
Water depth / Ground elevation
Completion date
Completion type
PON15 notification

After five years
Reservoir age
Hydrocarbon type (oil or gas)


Date shot
Line name
Survey name
2D survey grids
3D survey polygons


Licence number
Company percentage interest
Sub areas
Start date
Next relinquishment date
Expiry date
History of changes

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