UK Onshore Rounds

12th Landward Licensing Round

11th Onshore Licensing Round

10th Onshore Licensing Round

The round has been largely completed. Click on the links for information about it.

Maps showing newly-licensed areas

22nd Offshore Licensing Round

The Secretary of State has offered 26 Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences in the 12th Landward Licensing Round, and 97 Seaward Production Licences ('Traditional', 'Promote' and 'Frontier' Licences) in the 22nd Seaward Round. Further details can be accessed from the links below.

22nd Seaward Licensing Round

Maps of seaward acreage on offer:

Crown Estates is working towards issuing Wind Farm Leases over some North Sea areas in the near future. There is a map showing these areas on the link below, and the blocks that may be affected are marked in the document behind the "Other Regulatory issues" link above. That document also offers guidance on DTI's view of the relationship between the holders of Petroleum Act Licences and Wind Farm leases where they overlap.

Applicants for Blocks within areas shown on the map linked below should consult DTI / JNCC at the earliest opportunity for guidance as to potential restrictions on activity.

21st Offshore Licensing Round

20th Offshore Licensing Round - Awards

On 18 July 2002, in a Parliamentary Answer, Brian Wilson, the Minister for Industry and Energy, announced the outcome of the 20th Offshore Licensing Round.

First point of contact for enquiries regarding the 12th Landward Round is:

Geoff Swann
tel: 020 7215 5062

and for the 22nd Seaward Round:

Jen Brzozowska
tel: 020 7215 5138

or alternatively for both rounds:

Ricki Kiff
tel: 020 7215 5032

If you have difficulty downloading or viewing documents in formats other than HTML, please refer to our help page for assistance.

Historical Licence Awards

In response to a series of queries, we have extracted a table, ( excel 672 Kb), of data showing all Seaward Production Licences as they were at issue. Note the following points about these data:

If any errors are found or if you have any comments or other queries please contact:

Mike Hawkins
phone: +44 (0) 20 7215 5098
fax: +44 (0) 20 7215 5142

Out-of-Round awards


 The DTI has today offered an Oil and Gas Production Licence for  the eastern part of block 15/25e (east of Longitude 0 deg 52 minutes east) to Oilexco North Sea Limited, and an additional offer was also made to both CNR International and Oilexco North Sea Limited under a marriage arrangement for the area of the block to the west of this line of Longitude.

The companies will have a fixed period in which to decide whether or not to accept the offers.

Out-of-Round awards to Tuscan/Acorn and ATP/CalEnergy

The Secretary of State has offered out-of-round licences to Tuscan Energy (Scotland) Limited and Acorn North Sea Limited, and to ATP Oil and Gas (UK) Limited and CalEnergy Gas (UK) Limited.

The Tuscan/Acorn licences are to redevelop the Argyll, Duncan and Innes fields in Block 30/24. Each of the fields is covered by a separate, specially-drafted licence. Tuscan/Acorn have a set time in which to get a Field Development Plan approved on each field if the corresponding licence is to continue afterwards (two years for Argyll, four years for Duncan and Innes). The fourth licence, covering the rest of block 30/24, is of the conventional type and carries a Work Programme for the six-year Initial Term of two contingent wells. Tuscan will be the operator.

The ATP/CalEnergy licence has the same structure and time frame as the Argyll licence (i.e. Field Development Plan approved in two years or the licence lapses). ATP will be operator.

The marks awarded to each application are not very meaningful in the absence of competition there is no theoretical maximum, and the two applications are not comparable but Tuscan/Acorn got 233 and ATP/CalEnergy got 143 marks.

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