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Offshore Chemicals Regulations 2002

The Offshore Chemical Regulations 2002 apply the provisions of the Decision by the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (the OSPAR Convention) for a Harmonised Mandatory Control System for the use and discharge of chemicals used in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Under the Regulations, offshore operators will need to apply for permits to cover both the use and discharge of chemicals.

All offshore activities involving the use and/or discharge of chemicals are covered by the Regulations, including oil and gas production operations, the drilling of wells, discharges from pipelines and discharges during decommissioning activities.

The applications to use for requesting a chemical permit under these Regulations are the PON15s:

If you are unsure which application to use, please refer to the Guidance Notes above, or contact your appointed DTI Environmental Manager


October 31st 2001

February 28th 2002

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