Tips and Hints

Q. When I try to print pages with coloured text the words do not come out.

A. Try altering your printer options in your browser. Internet Explorer, for example, usually defaults to print colours as black and white but the Netscape default is not resulting in coloured text appearing blank.

Q. Having set the print options to print colour as black and white I still do not get coloured text to print.

A. We are aware of a problem with HP Laserjet 5 print drivers and Microsoft applications whereby coloured text is missing. Try installing the Laserjet 4 driver and using that instead.

Q When I print a page with a wide table I lose the data along the right hand side.

A. Try printing the page or selection as landscape rather than portrait. Alternatively load the Excel or CSV file into a spreadsheet or word processor and format the print from there.

Q. How do I access the spreadsheet file versions of the tables.

A. Each table is also provided as an Excel 2000 worksheet and as a CSV (Comma Delimited ASCII file). If you have Excel installed, double clicking the left mouse button on either file should start the application in the web browser and automatically load the file. Alternatively click the right button on either file and you will be prompted to save the file to disk or open the file. Once saved to disk open the file in the usual way.

Q. How can I access the large detailed copies of the plates?

A. Double click on the highlighted text at the end of each plate. You will be prompted to save the file to disk or open the file. These files are in JPEG compressed format. You will need a graphics package such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Corel etc. to edit these files. Your browser will open the file and allow viewing and printing, however, the files are large and may not print successfully on A4 paper.

Q. Can I install this product on our corporate Intranet server?

A. Yes, however, you will need to upgrade your license to a multi-user/corporate license. Failure to do so could result in a breach of copyright and subsequent prosecution.

Q. Can I add this product or any part of the product to a public access web site?

A. No, under no circumstances is this allowed. Any occurrence of material from this product appearing on the Internet will be considered a breach of copyright and may result in prosecution.

Q. When I open the book I only get a single page with no contents to the left or title at the top.

A. Your browser probably does not support frames. We recommend you upgrade your browser to a more recent version that does. Copies of Internet Explorer for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT are provided on the CD-ROM. Alternatively use the navigation bar at the bottom of each page to move around.

Q. Accessing my CD-ROM drive is slow, can I install the product onto my hard-disk?

A. Yes. Either follow the instructions provided during the installation program or alternatively double click on the file "UKCDZIP.EXE" in the root directory on the CD-ROM. This will unload a compressed copy of the product onto the disk and directory of your choice, however, for consistency we recommend using a directory called 'UKCD02'. If you are not using a DOS or Windows based PC you can still copy the product to the hard-disk using copy. Copy all the files, including sub-directories, from the CD-ROM directory called Energy03 to the hard-disk drive of your choice. Then open your browser and open the file \UKCD03\index.htm.

Q. Is there an easier way of starting the UK Petroleum Data CD without opening the file each time?

A. Once you have the opening page loaded in the browser create a Book-mark or add to Favourites. In future simply select the UKCD from the list provided that the CD-ROM is in the drive.

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