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Electronic Publishing:

Companies rarely gain the full benefit of their investment in reports and technical publications due to the inability of their staff to find the information they require quickly and effectively.

Data by Design provide electronic publishing services to publish technical material in digital form suitable for browsing on the Internet/Intranet or running on desk-top computers.

Utilising our experience in this field we are able to advise on formats, design and implementation to ensure that the final product is both useful and appealing to the target audience.


The UK Petroleum Data CD 2002-Present
"The UK Petroleum Data CD comprises statistics, information and documentation relevant to oil and gas exploration in the UK.  Based on data from the Department of Trade and Industry and other published sources the UKCD provides an invaluable resource for anyone working in the UK oil industry.  This publication is updated each year and released in Q3"
CD-ROM Publications for Local Councils

"Denbighshire County Council Unitary Development Plan - published on the web and CD-ROM.
Cotswold District Council Local Plan - published on the web and CD-ROM
North Dorset District Council Local Plan - published on the web and CD-ROM"

The 2001 Digital Brown Book
"The Brown Book" published in association with the UK Department of Trade and Industry and Her Majesty's Stationery Office covers UK Oil and Gas Industry

Energy Report

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